Western Gate Books is an independent small press dedicated to providing affordable, high quality books and eBooks.  This web site will expand as our publication
list grows.  "Western Gate Books" and publisher's emblem are registered trademarks
of  Western Gate Books.  Contact: WesternGateBooks@aol.com.

Our Authors:

Howard F. Clarke
Owner, Western Gate Books, is the author of fiction, an editior of nonfiction, and a
screenwriter with an optioned period piece thriller to his credit..

Lucas Cole
Coming soon from Lucas Cole...a daring look at a near-future America gone wrong and
a bloody civil war.  Lucas' gripping, controversial graphic novel is a massive project that
required the help of 3D artists, professional models, and extensive research.  "Not a
kid's comic," but a "graphic" look at an alternate future. 

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